Current projects:

The Society keeps abreast of local environmental issues (primarily those affecting native fauna and flora) and regularly approaches Goulburn Mulwaree Council and other relevant agencies to express our views. These include the two ongoing projects mentioned below, and topics such as weed-spraying on roadsides, native tree planting, tree conservation, management of riverside vegetation, and management of local bushland reserves and Travelling Stock Reserves.

Goulburn Maturation Ponds

Goulburn Wetlands

The Society is doing fauna and flora surveys at the Goulburn Mulwaree Council’s Bio-banking Area. Reports will be available in due course. Here is the preliminary bird list:

Biobanking Area Bird List 1

Older Projects:

In 2006, the Society provided a report to Goulburn Mulwaree Council on the results of bird surveys at four sites in Goulburn, with recommendations for future management. This is the report:

GFNS Report of bird observations at four Goulburn sites 2006


Bird hides


Eucalyptus recurva